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Solar Grid Tie Inverter - Reverse Protector
Reverse Current flow protection unit fro Grid Tie Inverters

Today every where peoples are using solar PV inverters to overcome problem of power short fall as well as for savings of electricity bill. Looking at customers demand  a very Smart inverter called Grid Tie Inverter is available in market. Those inverters are useful to save your electricity bills as well as they don’t have any recurring cost as batteries are not used in these inverters.
Practically AC output of these inverters is synchronized with your mains power which in turn saves your electricity bills. In European countries you can export the excess generated energy to grid & can earn money from it. This is possible only because of the Grid is converted in to Smart Grid.

Where Grid is not smart & also the system is not designed as per the site requirements, peoples using Grid Tie Inverters are facing following problem.

During day time when the energy generated from solar side is more than consumption (load) side the excess energy starts flowing towards grid. This exported energy towards grid practically increases count in your electricity units due to which customer are facing problem of unexpected higher electricity bills.

To overcome the above problem Vitronics Controls have developed a device which is called as Reverse Current flow protection unit for Grid Tie Inverters. This device will control flow of excess energy to grid as well as will avoid customers from unexpected higher electricity bills.

This device comes along with a LCD which will show following parameters

  1. Total Load Current requirement
  2. Current Generation from Solar
  3. Grid Tie Inverter Status (On / Off)

This will also help anyone to calculate savings instantaneously
LED Indications

  1. For 1 Ph - 1) GTI On / OFF 2) D.G On 3) Bypass
  2. For 3 Ph - 1) R phase Available 2) Y Ph Available 3) B Ph Available

Models Available

  1. 1 Phase 20 Amp ( 5 Kw)
  2. 3 Phase 20 Amp/ Ph (15 Kw)

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