Rockstar energy drinks are a fad

The Jerusalem Report – The Rockstar Energy drink company is a faddish fad with no discernible effect on the quality of its drinks, according to its new marketing strategy.

Rockstar’s new marketing ploy is to claim that it has the most popular energy drinks in the world, but the fact is that only three of the world’s top 20 energy drinks brands, all owned by PepsiCo, are made by the company.

In an attempt to make the energy drink market look better, Rockstar has released a new marketing statement on its website and its social media channels, claiming that it is the world leader in “energy drinks”, “energy bars” and “energy cocktails”.

The Rockstar statement begins: “The most successful energy drinks on the market today are those made by Rockstar.”

It says that the Rockstar “Energy” drink is “the most popular and the most effective energy drink in the market.”

Rockstar’s Energy drink is made by Pepsi.

RockStar is a subsidiary of PepsiCo.

It says it has “the top brands in the U.S. and globally” and has “an unmatched portfolio of more than 60 brands.”

It also says that it makes its energy drinks from renewable energy sources such as solar energy, wind, hydroelectric and biomass, as well as natural gas and petroleum.

It goes on to say that Rockstar makes its products in small batches and has been known to “recycle” old bottles to increase its shelf life.

Rockstasters “unique blend of ingredients” includes “organic cane sugar, fruit juice concentrate, fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, and vitamins.”

Rockstar claims that its “energy drink” is “unparalleled” in its quality, with “tastes that have the ability to mask or mimic other beverages.”

The Rockstaster Energy drink has been promoted as a way to “transform your body” by promising to “lift and transform” your energy.

The drink has also been marketed as a “natural” energy drink.

However, the Rockstarders claim is that it does not contain any “natural ingredients” and that it contains “natural flavors and sweeteners.”

The Rockstards claim also says the drink contains “less than 1g of sugar per serving” and is “not a carb, sugar, or sugar substitute.”

Rockstasters claims are not true.

It does contain sugar, but Rockstarks claims are based on the assumption that sugar is naturally occurring and is used as a sweetener in many processed foods.

Rockstar claims is that its energy drink has the “most active ingredients,” and the claims are true.

The RockStar Energy drink contains ingredients such as citric acid, sodium citrate, fructose, potassium citrate and glycerol.

The ingredients are used to dissolve sugars in the beverage.

The claim that Rockstarts drinks are “unrivaled” is false.

According to Food and Chemical Toxicology, the “active ingredients” in the RockStarrs energy drinks, which include “citric acid,” are not listed on the ingredient label.

It is important to note that RockStarter claims are valid, but there are other claims on the RockStar website that are not accurate.

A number of studies have shown that RockStar drinks are not “natural.”

A review of the research published by the National Institutes of Health concluded that RockSTAR drinks “may have a deleterious effect on brain function, cognition, and mood,” which may lead to “behavioral problems.”

The study also concluded that “a significant body of evidence indicates that many consumers do not experience any adverse effects of RockStarts energy drinks.”

The Food and Drug Administration is reviewing the Rock Stasters claims and the Rock Star Energy drink, which is the only energy drink sold in the United States.

RockStarters claims should be taken with a grain of salt.

There are a number of other energy drinks that have been proven to be unsafe, including those from the Coca Cola company and the Coca-Cola Company.

The American Beverage Association, the American Beveraging Association, has said that the “fact-based scientific research shows that there is no link between Rockstar beverages and cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or other serious health problems.”

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