What you need to know about the $5 trillion renewable energy sector

What are the biggest challenges in building the $2 trillion renewable sector?

The answer depends on where you live, but the answers are as follows: In the Midwest, the biggest barrier is the cost.

“Wind and solar are getting cheaper every day, but there are still a lot of obstacles in the way,” said James Lohr, chief executive officer of the Midwest Energy Storage Association.

In Kansas City, the state’s largest city, the challenge is the lack of land.

“Wind and natural gas aren’t cheap,” said Greg Kostek, CEO of Kansas City-based energy storage company Energy Management, which is building a $1.6 billion wind farm.

The Midwest is a bit of an outlier.

“I think Kansas City and other big cities like that have a lot more to gain from this,” Kostke said.

Kansas City is trying to become a leader in energy storage by building a large wind farm near the city limits, Kostak said.

It is also working to get a new energy-storage tower out of the ground to connect to a larger facility that is scheduled to open later this year.

Other challenges in the Midwest include a lack of public infrastructure and a lack.

“The Midwest doesn’t have the infrastructure to support this,” Lohl said.

“There’s no grid.

So we have to find the best ways to get this done.”

Energy Storage Association (ESAA) is a non-profit, public-private partnership.

The organization is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and works to make the renewable energy industry more competitive.

To see a list of the biggest barriers to building the clean energy sector, click here.

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