Why You Shouldn’t Drink Energy Drink in Your Diet

Health experts say that while it is beneficial for your body to receive vitamins and minerals from the sun, it is dangerous to consume them as energy drinks.

The drinks contain a substance called Vitamin C which is used as a preservative.

“If you are going to be consuming a lot of energy drinks, it’s not really a good idea to consume too much of it,” says Dr. Lisa Furlan, a health and nutrition specialist at the University of Toronto.

“Vitamin C is a potent carcinogen, and it is also associated with liver damage.”

Furlans group is calling for more research to be done on the vitamin and its effects on the body.

For now, there are plenty of ways to consume vitamin C in a healthy way.

“You can take a multivitamin, which contains vitamin C,” says Furlancks group co-founder and executive director, Karen O’Sullivan.

“Or you can take it as a supplement.

So, if you’re not a fan of caffeine, then you can drink coffee instead of coffee.

You can also take a supplement that contains Vitamin C. But you have to be careful to consume a very small amount.

A tablespoon is much more than you would take in a day.”

But not everyone agrees that vitamin C is harmful.

“We think it’s OK to have vitamin C because it is a precursor of vitamin B12, so it helps to get the B12 from food,” says O’Connell.

“It’s important to take vitamin C as a part of your diet.”

The American Dietetic Association has called on the Food and Drug Administration to ban the use of energy bars as a source of vitamin C, arguing that their nutritional content is not as good as vitamin B-12, which is found in foods such as eggs, nuts and salmon.

“The FDA has been very aggressive on this issue,” says Mark Wahlberg, a food science and public health researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

“They’ve taken some actions to make vitamin C more available in foods.”

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