A $100bn investment in carbon capture technology could help drive global warming targets – Reuters

By PAUL HAGERSTADEN/Reuters EPA A new energy source that could help meet world warming targets is being developed in Australia and could be on the cards as soon as 2020.

The company behind the company’s latest prototype has revealed it is developing a system that would capture carbon dioxide from coal-fired power stations.

The world’s biggest producer of coal, Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology, estimates the amount of carbon dioxide currently being emitted by coal-burning power stations to be the equivalent of about 6.8 million cars a year.

The emissions are the main cause of global warming, and Australia’s federal environment minister said the emissions of the country’s biggest source of carbon pollution could rise by 50% by 2050, depending on how fast Australia can reduce emissions.

The proposed technology is called CCS, and it would capture CO2 from coal plants, capturing it and storing it underground.

The CCS technology is still being tested, but the BOM has been granted a licence to test it at the Maroochydore CCS Plant near Alice Springs.

It’s been a year since the state government was granted the licence, and the state is now reviewing the application.

The State Government says the technology could reduce the amount carbon dioxide emitted by the Maroop coal-mining site, which is operated by the Victorian Coal Association.

It would also capture COII from power plants that are currently operating in the region, such as the Maroog mines.

The plant’s emissions are a major source of CO2 pollution in the Marooskield region, which covers about 2 million hectares.

The government is currently reviewing the plant’s application to develop the technology, but is considering whether to allow the application to be granted.

If the plant is approved, it could be used to capture and store CO2 emissions from existing power stations, the Bom said.

The technology would also allow the CCS system to capture carbon emissions from new power stations in the future.CES could also be used for other purposes, such to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, such emissions from transport, agriculture and forestry.

The BOM’s chief executive, Nick Dickson, said the technology was a good fit for the Maroot coal-mine, where the company already has plans to build an alternative power station in 2021.

The Queensland Government has also been granted the license to test the technology in the state’s Marooochydore coal-mines.

“We’ve been talking to them and we’ve made a number of submissions to the Bommissions,” Mr Dickson said.

“They have to go through all the paperwork to do that, and they’ve been really encouraging us.”

The state government’s environment minister, Ian MacDonald, said Queensland was “actively engaged” in a number other projects in the area.

“As we develop the project, we’ll have to make sure that we do the best possible implementation,” he said.

However, Mr MacDonald said the Boma and Maroop power stations were currently operating with emissions levels that were above national targets.

“The carbon dioxide that is in those facilities is currently above the targets we have in place,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“So we’re in a position to be able to meet our national targets.”

The Boma mine produces around 12 million tonnes of coal a year and the Maroppo coal mine produces up to 50 million tonnes.

The project would see the state start by converting the Maropo mine into a CCS facility and then converting the remaining Maroop mine to a CGS facility.

The coal-powered plants currently operate at a CO2 emission rate of 1.6 tonnes per tonne, while the CGS plants use a much lower emission rate at 0.7 tonnes per megatonne.

Mr MacDonald said if the project were approved, the Queensland Government would be able “to have a carbon capture and storage plant” in place by 2020.

“I think we can safely say we can build a CES facility and a CGC facility within a year,” he added.

“It’s really the next logical step in how we move forward in the way we can be more environmentally responsible.”

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