How to get your energy drink back in the fridge

A bottle of energy drink will not stop you from sleeping, it’s just a bit of rubbish, says energy drink creator David Attenborough.

The BBC presenter said people often drink too much energy drink and need to be warned. 

“You could be drinking 10 or 15 glasses a day,” he told Sky News.

“And it’s only going to get worse.”

Energy drinks contain no caffeine and are known for their high levels of sugar and caffeine.

They are sold in over a dozen countries and are sold to children in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, India and the UK. 

The drinks can also contain other ingredients like flavouring, which can cause stomach upsets, and salt. 

Dr Attenbrook said people had been drinking more than 500 million units of energy drinks in the UK in the last five years.

Dr Attyborough, who also has a medical degree, said the drinks were dangerous. “

The fact is, I’m an Australian, I’ve had my energy drink in my hand for years, and I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be taken off the market.”

Dr Attyborough, who also has a medical degree, said the drinks were dangerous.

“They’re really dangerous.

They can be addictive, and they’re very bitter. “

You have to be careful with them.

They can be addictive, and they’re very bitter.

They’ll make you feel really thirsty.” 

He said that while there were no plans to stop selling energy drinks, there was a need for greater education. He added: “I don’t think people should be drinking more, but I think it’s a problem that needs to be addressed.” 

David Attenboards latest documentary, The Biggest Loser, will be shown on the BBC in the United Kingdom and on BBC Two in the USA on Sunday, October 26 at 9pm.

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