The Energy Drink is Dead!

In case you were wondering, the energy drink has not yet been officially declared dead.

But its still alive and kicking in the hearts of those who consume it.

The Energy Drink, as it is called, has been around for decades.

The company behind it, Blue Moon, makes it with no artificial flavors or colors and no caffeine or alcohol.

And its the kind of product that people who drink the stuff usually say is “exactly what it sounds like.”

That’s because Blue Moon is one of the oldest energy drinks on the market.

The company was founded in 1974 by two brothers, John and Michael Czernich, who saw an opportunity to develop a beverage that could help people quit drinking.

They bought up a lot of the world’s best energy drinks, including Red Bull, a popular brand in the 1980s.

But the problem was, those drinks weren’t as good as those made by the bigger energy drinks companies.

They started experimenting with different flavors and flavors that could be added to the drink.

They discovered that the best way to do that was to use sugar and alcohol to flavor the drink instead of using the traditional methods of extracting the flavors from the energy.

They found that, in some ways, it worked better.

And they also discovered that people really liked it.

The Blue Moon Energy Drink had a good sales record, and people were really excited to try it out.

But then the company found out that people liked it just as much as they liked caffeine, which led them to develop the Energy Drink Zero, which is essentially a watered down version of the Blue Moon drink.

The Zero version is a less potent version of Blue Moon.

And people still buy it, which shows that the product is still popular.

The Blue Moon Zero is one more example of the way that the energy drinks industry has evolved over time.

People like the drink, and it’s hard to argue with that.

But over the past couple of years, the industry has been losing ground.

Coca-Cola is in trouble, and the market for energy drinks is starting to shrink.

And that’s because the industry is trying to compete with other beverages like soda and energy drinks.

The energy drinks are still a big part of the diet, and a growing number of Americans are choosing healthier options.

The problem is that people don’t like drinking soda and other energy drinks because they don’t get enough of them.

And they don.

But they also don’t want to quit drinking energy drinks just because they’re a bit bland.

And, in many cases, the products aren’t bad.

In fact, many of the companies that make the drinks are selling them for a reason: they want to get their brands noticed.

For example, the company behind the Energy Diet Coke recently launched a new product called Energy Drink Red.

It is marketed as a “reduced sugar-free, sugar-sweetened, no-calorie beverage.”

But it’s not a red soda.

It’s not even a red energy drink.

It has a flavor called Energy Zero, and while it tastes pretty much the same as the regular Blue Moon product, it’s a lot less energy.

And it’s more like a regular energy drink, but with no caffeine, no artificial colors, no alcohol and no sugar.

The fact that this is happening is a problem for the industry.

In order to continue to thrive, it needs to compete in the market that is already saturated with other energy drink products.

The biggest problem with the energy-drink industry is that consumers don’t trust the products they buy.

And the industry’s inability to sell a product is hurting it.

In this new, post-energy drink world, the way to get the buzz is to use caffeine to create the buzz.

But there’s no way to control the caffeine content in a drink.

So the energy junkies that are using it are creating new products that are all very similar, and they’re selling them with very similar packaging.

And while the caffeine in the energy product is mostly water, it doesn’t have to be.

Some of the energy products are made with other substances, like glycerin, which makes the drink more drinkable.

And then, of course, there’s the alcohol, which adds a bit of sweetness.

But all of these ingredients have caffeine in them.

And because these energy drinks have so many of them, the caffeine is often added in ways that make it taste even worse.

And because people are buying these products, they are paying a premium for them.

The American Beverage Association says that the average American drinks about seven energy drinks a day, and that the typical energy drink is a 50-gram bottle of Sprite.

And Coca-Colas has reported that they sell an average of 2.3 energy drinks per day.

And most energy drinks come in the form of water, which has a water content of about 10 percent.

The amount of caffeine that is added to these drinks varies from brand to brand, and sometimes it’s as much or more

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