Why is energy drink a ‘toxic’ drink?

The world’s biggest energy drink maker, PepsiCo, has been accused of promoting an energy drink that can cause liver damage and cancer.

A report from the New York Times found that PepsiCo had “failed to protect the health and safety of people drinking the product”.

It also found that a review of the company’s corporate social responsibility guidelines had found that its company-sponsored nutrition and fitness programmes were “not designed to meet the health requirements of the vast majority of the American population”.

It found that one of its products, Energy Drink Zero, had been linked to a significant number of cases of liver cancer, liver damage, and a decrease in fertility.

It also reported that in 2016, a PepsiCo employee was found to have given the company a $1,000 donation.

In its corporate social responsibilities statement, Pepsi Co said that “the product that Pepsi has chosen to promote is a product that has the potential to cause liver injury, especially in men, with an increased risk in women and those with a family history of liver disease.”

The company said that the company “stands by its nutrition and exercise programs”.

PepsiCo has previously denied that its Energy Drink products were toxic.

A spokesperson for the company told ABC News that the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) had identified three cases of health problems linked to Energy Drink that were linked to alcohol consumption and that it had been testing the products.

The company also said that its “health and wellness” team was reviewing the safety of the products and that Pepsi had begun working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to review the data to assess the effectiveness of its programmes.

PepsonCo said in a statement that the review was “the result of extensive data gathering and analysis by the company”.

“We have worked with HHS to ensure the data was relevant to our programs and to ensure that any recommendations are based on scientific evidence,” the statement read.

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