Rockstar energy drinks may contain dangerous levels of lead, says research

Rockstar Energy Drink is not a good choice for kids, according to a new study that found that children are drinking a higher percentage of the drinks than adults.

The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, found that between 2011 and 2015, the average American child drank more than 5.6 gallons of energy drinks per day.

That’s roughly the same amount of energy drink the average adult drinks.

In contrast, the amount of lead in a typical energy drink is about 15 times higher than the federal government’s guideline for lead poisoning.

“In general, our study finds that kids are drinking more energy drinks than we’ve ever seen in this country,” said lead author and researcher Laura A. Kelleher, M.D., a pediatrician and associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

The data also found that the majority of energy and sports drink consumers are male, but that’s a bit surprising.

The majority of the adults surveyed in the study are white, and they drank about the same number of energy- and sports-drink-based beverages.

But there was one group of men who had a significantly higher consumption of energy beverages than adults, and that group had a much higher prevalence of obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

Those groups were also the ones who had the highest levels of blood lead.

“There’s definitely a group of people who drink a lot of energy,” Kellehar said.

“But there’s also a group that drinks a lot less energy than adults do, and those people have a much lower blood lead burden.”

The researchers found that adults drink more than 4.3 gallons per day, compared with 2.4 gallons for children and about 1.8 gallons for women.

Kelsie B. Paine, a spokeswoman for Rockstar, said that the company has no current plans to change the formula in its energy drink.

However, she said that Rockstar’s efforts are being directed to reduce the amount that kids drink.

Rockstar said that while the study does not specifically look at how much energy drinks children consume, it does look at trends over time and the overall health of the nation.

It said that energy drinks should be avoided by kids and adults alike.

“We are committed to helping kids and families lead healthier lives,” Paine said.

The authors of the Pediatrics study said that there are a lot more people who are consuming energy drinks and that the study was not designed to evaluate the health effects of drinking the drinks.

“This is a big, big study,” said study co-author Dr. Jeffrey W. Cohen, a pediatric gastroenterologist and director of the division of health promotion and prevention at Children’s Hospital Boston.

“These are the kinds of things that are really important to understand.

It’s a great example of how to get the message out about how we should all be doing more.”

The findings were based on data from a national sample of nearly 9,000 U.S. children aged 0 to 6.

The children were asked to fill out a questionnaire and a survey about how often they drank energy drinks, as well as about how they ate them.

They also were asked about their health and diet habits.

The researchers also measured blood lead levels in the children.

They found that about 12 percent of the children had blood lead values above the level that’s considered to be elevated, and about 12.3 percent had blood leads above the normal limit.

In comparison, about 7.7 percent of adults and 1.9 percent of children had elevated blood lead and 3.1 percent had elevated levels.

Among adults, the lead levels ranged from about 1 milligram per deciliter (mg/dL) in the most highly educated adults to about 1,300 mg/dL in those with the lowest levels of education.

Among children, the levels ranged between 4 mg/dl in the least educated and 6.2 mg/d in those at the highest level of education, according the researchers.

The average lead level for adults was about 7 mg/L.

“Children need to understand that the health consequences of lead poisoning are very real,” Kelsia said.

Parents should know what their children are consuming, the authors said.

And they should also take the time to talk to their children about the health risks of drinking energy drinks.

The U.N. World Health Organization has a national strategy for reducing lead exposure, which includes reducing energy drink consumption.

The strategy recommends that parents talk to children about energy drinks when they’re young, and to monitor them when they get older.

“As a pediatricians, I feel like we’re all responsible for this,” Klesha D. Johnson, a physician in California, told NBC News.

“And when kids drink, we have a responsibility to take action.”

Kelsha D Johnson is a pediatric neurologist and director at the Stanford University Center for the Brain.

Follow her on Twitter: @KelsihedJohnson

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