What is the sempRA Energy stock?

The SempRA energy stock is the company that owns the two major oil and gas companies.

It has about 7% of the market.

It’s been valued at $5 billion, but it’s down more than $3 billion since January.

Its market cap is $6.4 billion.

The S&P 500 index has it up by about 3%.

But its trading volume has dropped.

It dropped from a high of $25.5 billion to about $20 billion on Monday, down from $30 billion to $27 billion last week.

Its shares have fallen as much as 11% in 2017, according to FactSet.

In January, the stock was up by 10% a year after it dropped 12% a month earlier.

Its share price is down from its 2016 high of about $50 per share.

Sempra is one of the largest private oil and natural gas companies in the world, with an annual revenue of about 8 billion US dollars.

Its operations include drilling for oil and other hydrocarbon resources in the Middle East and in the Horn of Africa.

The company owns the Permian Basin in Texas and the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota.

SempaRA has been the target of criticism from the Trump administration.

Trump has accused the company of dumping oil into the Gulf of Mexico, claiming that the company’s drill rigs have caused earthquakes in the area.

Trump also questioned the wisdom of spending billions of dollars to drill wells in the U.S. Gulf of Coast, and in 2016, he called the drilling process “an act of war.”

Sempraf’s CEO, Jim Pappas, has been critical of Trump, calling the president’s policies a “disaster.”

“It’s a sad day when you have a president who says that you should be ashamed of your country,” Pappatas told CNBC in February.

Trump was a member of the board of the company when it was listed in the 1990s.

Pappapas has been one of Semprah’s biggest critics, and he criticized the Trump team in February for “misleading investors.”

The company’s shares have been down about 17% over the past year.

But the company is still one of Russia’s biggest companies, with a market cap of about 25 billion dollars.

The companies share price has declined about 25% since January and the S&amps index has fallen more than 4%.

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