Kentucky’s $1.2 trillion nuclear power plant could be coming soon

Kentucky’s nuclear power project is still a year away from being operational, but the state’s utility is looking at the possibility of building another reactor, as its electric grid transitions to renewables. 

The Southern Energy Research Institute is one of the firms working on the project. 

“There’s a lot of potential for this to happen,” said Jim Hall, a spokesperson for the utility, which is part of the Tennessee Valley Authority. 

It’s a long way off from the expected completion date of 2020, but Hall said the project would be a major step toward transitioning Kentucky’s power system from coal to renewable energy. 

As the number of coal plants in the state has fallen, there’s been a shift toward cleaner-burning, cheaper sources of energy.

The project would take about 100 million gallons of water and about 40 tons of sand, Hall said. 

Hall said the utility’s plan is to start construction in 2021. 

A major goal for the project is to create an energy storage system that could help provide grid reliability and reduce emissions. 

That could be accomplished by storing excess electricity and generating a small amount of hydrogen, which can then be used to drive electric vehicles. 

One potential benefit is that hydrogen would be used for transportation, which could help reduce emissions from the fuel.

“That could really reduce our dependence on foreign oil and other fuels,” Hall said, adding that the utility is not looking to build a power plant to generate electricity from natural gas.

In the long term, the company hopes to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by about a third.

This could be achieved by reducing coal consumption and investing in renewable energy, Hall added.

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