US utility faces possible $7.2bn settlement over emissions scandal

A utility in the Midwestern U.S. is facing a possible $10 billion settlement over its pollution scandal, as the utility faces potential fines of $10 million per day for the second time in as many months.

The utility, known as Midwestern Electric, is facing fines of up to $10.5 billion for violating federal air pollution laws and is facing possible civil penalties of up $500,000 per day.

Midwestern said Friday it will pay $6.6 billion in fines, but that is only a fraction of what the utility paid out for other violations.

The company also said it is reducing emissions by $3 billion in 2021.

The $10-billion fine is the largest ever for Midwestern’s violations, the utility said in a statement.

The lawsuit against Midwestern was filed in June, and the court is expected to issue a ruling later this month.

Midwest is owned by private equity firm Carlyle Group.

It owns more than 1,400 power plants and owns a $2.5 trillion market value.

The U.N. environmental watchdog group called the settlement “a huge blow to a struggling company.”

Midwestern, which is the nation’s largest electric utility, admitted that it failed to follow its own emissions standards for power plants.

It agreed to pay $2 billion to the U.A.E. to settle its environmental lawsuit.

MidWestern said it will also pay the U,N.

for the cost of cleaning up its emissions.

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