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Elos ( Emergency lift operating system )

What is ELOS?

ELOS is always alert & has an intelligence to sense sudden electricity failure & comes in action within fraction of second. These systems are essentially designed & manufactured to ensure the continuity of operation of elevators & lifts in the event of electricity failure. These inverters also recommended for other utility applications such as water pumps, stair case lights, parking light & emergency power points in the building along with elevators. These are available in various models with different configuration in different power ratings to suit every type of passenger lifts & inductive loads.


Salient Features

  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Environment Friendly
  • High Reliability
  • Extremely Flexible
  • Versatile Operations
Why Elos ?
  ELOS Generator
Type Static electronics device Electro mechanical device
Cost More economical than generator Is costlier than ELOS
Extra Cost No additional circuitry, acoustic covering (canopy) & hidden cost Requires AMF panels, acoustic covering etc. which increases basic cost.
No Load Condition Utility of battery power is only during operation of the LOAD Generation is required to be kept on in NO LOAD condition also, hence unnecessary usage of fuel.
Noise Absolutely noiseless Very noise
Changeover Time Auto changeover within 500 ms Has to start manually / for auto operation additional cost requirement.
Recurring Cost Negligible, if maintained properly Fuel cost ( Diesel ) & Maintenance cost is more because of wear & tear due to internal rotary parts.
Life Life of equipment is more than Generator. Batteries can last for upto 5 years, if maintained periodically. Lesser than ELOS. If extended the expense of alternator & other spares replacement is considerable.
Pollution Absolutely pollution free & environmental friendly. Emits smoke, fumes & noise.


Voltage 415 V AC ( +10%, -15% ), 3 Phase
Frequency 50 Hz , +2 Hz
Voltage 415 VAC (+2%) , 3 Phase
Frequency 50 Hz ( +0.1 Hz)
Changeover Time < 500 millisecond
Power Rating As appropriate to the load requirement ( from 1KVA to 100 KVA Continuous duty cycle )
Power Factor 0.8 Lag to Unity
Crest Factor > 3.0
Wave Form True Sine Wave
Harmonic Distortion < 5%
Efficiency > 90%
Finish Epoxy Powder coating
Classification IP 20
Option Caster Wheels
Type Lead Acid ( Automotive ) / Tubular / Sealed Maintenance Free
Capacity Depends on Load & Backup duration required
DC Voltage 72 to 360 V depending on capacity & customer requirements

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