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Home UPS ( Sinewave ) - nEs Series
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Sinewave home UPS nEsIn todays fast pace world, where time is money it is essential to arm yourself against all the short comings. With frequent shutdown & blackouts in power supply it is important to have reliable & uninterrupted power supply to operate efficiently.

Powerline is a correct alternative that takes care of all your power needs during the power crises.

Features of DSP based Home UPS
  • DSP Based; Less components, small size less electricity more efficiency.
  • Soft start features; protects appliances at startup
  • Supply the highest quality pure sinewave power; protects your expensive household appliances & sensitive office equipments.
  • Highly cost effective design.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Overload & D.C. low protection.
  • Software controlled auto self testing.
  • Fully computer friendly UPS operation.
  • Intelligent Auto sense; continuously monitors health of system.
  • AC input low & high voltage cut off protections in both, Inverter & UPS modes.
  • Constant voltage / Constant current BOOST FLOAT CHARGER with wide Input range ( 130 - 280 V ) Charging current - 10 Ampr.
  • Silent operations of Fans, Tubelights & Appliances.
  • Quick change from Mains to Inverter mode.
  • Software controlled Auto rest feature for over load, short ckt & low battery.
  • Special charging algorithm to enhance battery life.
  • Fully protected against short circuit of AC mains with output.
  • Phase to phase short circuit protection.
  • Very low no load current for prolonged battery operation under standby.
  • Cooling fan improves reliablity of system.
  • Secure operation; no tension for night charging.
  • Intelligent charging; adapts itself to low , high battery, more & less power cut areas, battery.

As a leading manufacturer in high quality UPS, Stabilizers, electronic generators of various range, Vitronics Controls takes care of all your power source problem giving you an uninterrupted power supply, enabling you to function efficiently & smoothly.

The company has a large installation base of its wide range of products throughout the region in various customer segment. Having installations with prestigious clients like major Nationalised Banks, Hospitals, Software development organisations & Defence Labs.

Keeping our eyes on future Vitronics Controls are developing new methods & products such as Advance Power Management Software to give you the maximum output & performance with minimum loss of energy. We believed that energy saved is more power gained. Our customer policy is to provide the correct solution for his need & not just sell him a product.

Transient Protection : A built in 5 seconds delay during change over protects vital equipment from rolling voltage.

Voltage Regulation : Inverter provides protection against low voltage by changing over on Battery. A builtin voltage & frequency regulator regulated O/P voltage & frequency to protect sensitive equipments.

Protection from overloading : If the unit is overloaded during battery operation inverter automatically limits itself thus protecting your battery & unit.

Technical Specifications
Input Voltage ( UPS ) 180 - 260 V
Input Voltage ( INV ) 90 - 280 V
Output Voltage on Mains Mode Same as Input
Output Voltage on Inverter Mode 220 +/-5%
Output Frequency on Inverter Mode 50 Hz , +/- 0.1Hz
Switching from Mains to Inverter & from Inverter to Mains Automatic
Switching from Mains to UPS & from UPS to Mains Automatic
Output Waveform on Mains Mode Same as Input
Output Waveform on Inverter Mode Pure Sinewave
Battery Charging Current Constant charging Approx. 6% of the rated battery current in AH
Charger Intelligent Boost, Float Charger
Efficiency > 80%
Inverter Overload 120 %
Inverter Short Circuit 300 %
Technology DSP based design
Auto reset features Yes
Digital Display No
Solar Charger No
Bill reducing Protocol No
Mains Mode Overload
Inverter Mode Charging
Low Battery LCD Display ( Optional )
Standard Models
Model Input Voltage
600 VA 12 V
800 VA 12 V
1400 VA 24 V
2000 VA 24 V / 36 V
2500 VA 36 V / 48 V
3000 VA 24 V / 36 V / 48 V
3500 VA 36 V / 48 V
* Since we are in the process of continuous development, the design & specifications are subject to change without prior information

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