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On Line UPSVitronics Controls UPS systems have gained high acclaim for its continuous updated technology through the inhouse R&D, higest standards of engineering practices, uncompromising quality built in to each product from vendor section to in process quality monitoring right upto customer acceptance.

Vitronics Controls has come up with new ENERGY SAVER high performance UPS systems which are of Double conversion type. It employs High Frequency PWM technique in its Float cum Boost charger section. With its double conversion technique, its galvanic isolation ensures no spike or surge in the output power. The effective screening by specially designed filters ensures the output is free from EMI / RFI , thus providing full safety to the critical equipment.

The use of latest generation State-of-the-art IPM (Intelligent Power Module), IGBTs in its Power Circuits & DSPs in its control circuits ensures inbuilt reliability for the UPS. For the user it translates in to longer MTBF. High conversion efficiency enables user to conserve the energy.

Vitronics Controls Systems are rated for its FULL OUTPUT capacity and meant for continuous duty. Design with high crest factor of 3:1 they are capable of handling the in rust current of critical loads very comfortably. These systems come with an exhaustive array of options like Static Transfer Switch, These phase to sigle phase scott connected transformer, Automatic Voltage Regulator on the bypass mode to enable the customer to select an exclusive configuration of his own.

General Protections
  • Cubical conforming to Ip20
  • EMI / RFI filters
  • Snubber for all semiconductor
  • Independent earth terminal
  • Battery isolation by MCB
  • HRC fuses wherever necessary
Optional Features
  • Serial RS 232 / 485 and AS / 400 interface
  • Communication feasibility with SNMP Support
  • Auto file shutdown monitoring software
  • Remote monitoring panel
  • Static bypass switch
  • Three phase to Single phase Scott Transformer
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator
Technical Specifications
KVA Ratings : 3KVA to 250KVA
Nominal Voltage  
For Single Phase 230 V ( +10%, -25% ) for Single Phase & Neutral
For Three Phase 230 V ( +10%, -25% ) for Single Phase & Neutral
Nominal Frequency 50 Hz ( +/- 6% )
Input Power Factor >.95 ( upto 5 KVA )
Battery Voltage  
For 50 KVA 360, 432 VDC
For 10 to 45 KVA 240, 360 VDC
For 5 to 7.5 KVA 96, 192 VDC
Below 5 KVA 48, 120 VDC
Cutomised Option Any DC output as per the requirement
Nominal Voltage 230 VAC, Single Phase or 415 VAC Three Phase (+/- 10V adjustable)
Voltage Stability +/- 1% of DC I/P variations & o/p load variations
Frequency 50 Hz ( +/- 0.05 Hz )
Wave Form True Sinewave
Total Harmonic Distortion <3% on 100% linear load, <4% on 100% non-linear load
Efficiency ( AC to AC ) >93% for 360 VDC, >90% for 180 VDC, > 85% for 48 & 72 VDC
Crest factor 3:1
Power factor 0.8 lag to utility
Overload Capacity 125% for 15 min , 150% for 60 Sec
Transient Recovery Within 20msec for step 100% load change phase displacement for 3 phase output , 120 Degree +/- 1%
Automatic bypass facility Optional
Duty Continuous
EM / FFI Complies to TP 910-A90
Electrical Safety Class EN 50091-1
RFI Class EN 55022, Class B
Environmental Complies to IPT 1001Category B2
Accoustic Noise Level <45db @ 1meter
Ambient Temperature 0 to 50°C
Humidity 20 to 90 % RH , Non condensing
Enclosure Protection Grade IP-20 or as per customer requirements up-to IP-65
Cooling Color Forced Air
Cooler Hawells Gray
Metering Multi parameter LCD meter, O/P Frequency, I/P Voltage, O/P Voltage, O/P Load, Battery Voltage
SaLient Features
  • Soft start for Inverters & Chargers
  • High frequency PWM technique in Charger
  • DSC based control circuits
  • Very high Efficiency , very low energy loss
  • Reliability built in, longer MTBF
  • True on-line version
  • Rating from 1KVA to 250KVA
  • Smallest footprint in its class
  • Epoxy power coated self supporting steel cabinet with front & rear door access
  • Castor wheels for easy mobility
  • Operating temperature from 0°C to 50°C peak 55°C at 95% RH ( non condensing )
  • Low noise level of less than 45db @1 meter distance
  • Higher backup time possible

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