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Solar IPS

Solar IPS Charger



The Intelligent Power Selector (IPS) converts any conventional Inverter into a Solar Inverter.

Solar IPS (PWM) Charger  

With IPS Product Series we are targeting large customer base of existing installed home UPS & Inverters to convert them to Solar Inverter. Our IPS solution will assist in reducing electricity bills & ensure a dependable back up system, contribute proudly to clean environment. The product can be customized for many other applications beyond the Inverter. It is also a self-sufficient solar DC power system.

By adding IPS to your normal inverter, you will get all the features of our smart solar inverter in your converted inverter system which can be used in home and street lighting applications.

It provides the facility to charge the battery bank either through Solar or Grid(Priority will be to Solar ) The IPS continuously monitors the state of Battery Voltage, Solar Power output and the loads. When the Batteries are charged above a preset level, the Grid power supply to the IPS automatically cuts off from the system, in the presence of solar. The IPS is designed to give priority to solar power first and use Grid power only when the Solar power / Battery charge is insufficient to meet the load requirement. It switches to Grid charging automatically Due to sustained usage of power, when the Battery Voltage falls below a preset level, the IPS transfers the load
automatically to the Grid power and also charges the Batteries through the Inverter in-built Solar / Grid Charger.

The salient features include:

  • Maximization of Solar Energy Harvest
  • Higher Power Conversion Efficiency
  • Universal Inverter / UPS compatibility
  • Affordable Roof top solar system solutions
  • Lower Electricity Bills
  • Dependable back up system
  • Integrated high efficiency solar charge controllers
  • These can be used in wide-ranging applications in solar systems such as Industrial Power plants, Rooftop Solar
    Banking power, Water pumps or simply home & office UPS systems.

Models  available

  1. PWM
  2. MPPT
  1. Live usage when battery is fully charged from sunlight.
  2. Smart backup of 3-5 hours from battery, when power is not available
  3. Fully automatic operations.
  4. Long life (Life of solar panels are more than 25 years)
  5. Display as well as LED to indicators to observe the working status, Solar Power generation
    (in watts),operations modes etc.
  6. Maximum usage of solar power.
  7. Effective Power Management.
  8. Two Ways of Power Selection
    a) Automatic Power Selection (Mains or Solar)
    b) Manual Power Selection (For Mains Power)
The Intelligent Power Selector Models
Product Battery Voltage
Solar Charging Current
Max Voc per PV Input
Max Input Wp per input
IPS1220 12.00 20.00 30.00 300


40.00 30.00 600
IPS2420 24.00


50.00 500
IPS2440 24.00 40.00 50.00 1000
IPS3620 36.00 20.00 70.00 800
IPS3640 36.00 40.00 70.00 1000
IPS4820 48.00 20.00 100.00 1000
IP4840 48.00 40.00 100.00 2000
IPS4860 48.00 60.00 110.00 3000
IPS9620 96.00 20.00 200.00 2000
IPS9640 96.00 40.00 200.00 4000
IPS12040 120.00 40.00 200.00 5000
Comparison between “Powerline” IPS Same type of Products available in market
Details “Powerline” IPS(S Series) Same type of product available
in Market
Drawback in Market Products
Models Available 12 V to 240 V D.C
20 to 60 Amp
Limited Models Limited Choice
Battery Charges imultaneously
from Mains (Grid) & Solar
No Yes Battery Overcharges
Effect on Battery Life No effect Reduces battery life Repeated
recurring charges
Effect on Inverter Life Increase Inverter Life Reduces Inverter Life High risk of recurring cost
Effect on Electricity Bill Reduces Increase Additional recurring cost
Display to monitor technical
Parameters including solar power generation (in watts)
Available Usually not available Can’t measure generation of
solar power
Suitable to install any make
Inverter / UPS
Yes For limited models Limited choice
During monsoon, option to charge battery through mains supply Yes Always charges battery through
Mains & Solar
Battery Overcharging possibility
Inverter will start functioning on battery mode if full charged
through solar only or when mains supply is not available*
Yes No.
Inverter starts working on battery mode whenever the
battery gets full charged either by mains or solar
Electricity Bill
Energy Meter (Optional) For Solar energy    

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